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Book 1


Chronic Turning


i'm Patched real cool like

Even though fun fact: it's my first full frontal nudity for a fight

i refuse to reduce

she Deflects, i continue to be a foreign language

my stoic stature with steady stance despite the facts

she Parries, i'm not exempt

my Patches fall real fugly like

The blows get lower until we're both Puking bad fodder

Leaving Less


It starts growing angry red

Red defecting yellow

Then a pregnant bursting white


then its less than zero



i't's like watching a Downhill somersault

Popping out his ugly seeds

Picture that pathetic pride with hollow knee limp

Disgust overcompensates the pity that wells up without my permission

his Colorless hair drought is still trying

His Righteous glazing and saggy gazing

his Shriveling back straps making it hard to reach 

Moaning repenting rinsing repeating

he's Wallowing in historical backwash

he's kneeling but somehow there's a controlling aftertaste

a villain flavor 

nausea steps in my when guilt rings in unannounced

solid color stands in when my kaleidoscope is too understanding

it's that Slack cork puppet

he didn't have to have gnashing flesh 

But gnashing flesh is all he is now

his Promenade

my Stalemate

A Closer Crop


My frustrated campaign is laid to rest, along with all the meaning it held

I need to find another pouch to sip from and fast

My demeanor is a tragic diagonal into the red zone

And just when I think the flow is gone I'm being held under

 I can get behind that

Once I decide this I'm unflappable

Spicy Spread


Got nothing but cold putty phlegm, natural hair and slur

But enough about me

Your Careening features hanging all indecently out your jowls 

Blank After Blank


Lumbers and netters make for Blending blundering blinding bullshit

Granola throat sounds Sadly shocked and desperately enthusiastic

What a swell motherfucker

Exfoliate that shame for the Private lipstick event



it's hardening into place

they're Gawking

Riper and Riper So no one can hold it

it's Naked and unapproachable

Boogeyman Blossom


I remember tub slides

a saddled Slippery spine friction

I remember she liked Beef water and sparkling jerky

then again i'm all backwards

Of course upright- but I know that you know that I know

I curled into a balled version of myself

Don’t look

there was this Hovering gory plague probing for sips



I should definitely stop this slick peekaboo

Obvious or oblivious I could not tell

Now I think I should have with my second guessing hands

Something Like This


Whatever you’re picturing, no

Keep your road kill away from my hard wet tears

Cyborg repetition is everyday

Can’t take it anymore- I knew exactly where my panic beamed off to



Premature self-preservation coloring the exchange all sketchy mosey

Your hole is filled with Translucent chatter and transcendent teeth

I'm Chock-full o cunning pudding stun

Instant replay

Don’t know if you’re into that sort of thing

Left Then Right


A wad of sprig uncoils from newborn pink

it Rips the belly

the Felt pouch pushes out gel

After thought blushes

that's how much i Don't want to slide



Uninvited indefinite unresistable incline

Grey is so grey over there

I hope we never reach the other side